Retell your brand story,

the way your customer would love to hear

The best stories and storytellers stood the test of time because they found new ways to reach their audience. At Happy Humans, we believe in creating brand stories that matter to your customer. We do this by designing an omni-channel branding experience through social listening and profiling of your customer. We create outcome-focussed branding journeys that blend storytelling, design thinking, market trends and customer sentiments. All to one goal – creating a happy brand!

What we do?

Brand   Management

A great product is nothing if the branding goes wrong. We work with you to understand your brand. We enhance that knowledge with deep learning of your market, competition, and customers. We use this to design the perfect brandidentity for you and help your brand be what you want it to be.

Marketing   Communications

Communications have changed with the pandemic. Digital roadmaps are livelier and customers demand convenience. Instead of one-size-fits-all communication, we tailor marketing strategies and business language that suits your product and your customer.

PR   &   Content

What's the preferred magazine of your potential customer? Which news portal do they frequent? What newspaper do they follow? Can your story be there? Can you make an impact where it matters? Yes, you can, and we will help you with it.

Events,  Conferences & Exhibitions

Be it physical or digital, events and conferences are the most impactful marketing touchpoint you will get with your customer. By capturing the essence of your brand and successful trends across the world, we devise outdoor and virtual event strategies that will build and boost your brand recall among your customers.

Thought   Leadership   Positioning

With specially curated content, strategic connection building and targeted advertising spend, we can help turn you and/or your brand into an industry thought leader.

Digital   and   Social Media   Marketing

Everyone's online now. Even your present and prospective customers and partners. A treasure chest of insights and marketing possibilities lay hidden within these communities. Powered by analytics, we will help craft a marketing plan that would fit you to a tee.

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